Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

Payzone Directional Services (PDS) has a long-standing proven record with its clients and in industry as continuously maintaining a safety first company culture. PDS prioritizes its work such that the safety and wellbeing of its people and the environment come before schedule and cost. PDS recognizes this is the only model that supports long term company growth, employee satisfaction and safety, and uplifts both the company and the industry as a whole. 

PDS maintains a comprehensive safety policy, which guides the activities of our employees through each of their tasks. Because the oil and gas industry has many challenges and varying conditions this policy is continuously adapting and evolving to ensure the company is always at the forefront of industry standards and is using the best means possible to assure safe working practices. 

PDS actively captures safety related occurrences and data from the field with the intention of applying the data to its continuous safety improvement initiatives. The data covers a wide range of topics and when compiled yields a comprehensive picture of who, what, when, and where our field personnel encounter the highest risks. These risks are not limited solely to the activities that PDS personnel perform, but rather to all of the activities our personnel may be present for. This broad range of data allows us to not only modify our specific work tasks but also to adapt our schedules, hours, and work sequences on site to work around the riskiest of rig operations as well. Finally this data can be distributed to our clients to help share our lessons learned and improve overall site safety awareness.