Bottom hole assembly during laying down

About Payzone Directional

Payzone Directional Services (PDS) has been delivering industry-leading service quality to our energy partners since 2006. The company launched initial operations in the Rocky Mountain region, and has since branched out to service all major basins across the lower 48.

PDS is a full services directional company, offering expertise in everything from Vertical Control applications to Multi-Laterals, and everything in-between. We utilize only the most reliable, cost effective and efficient technologies available on the market today. We own all of our primary Electromagnetic and Pressure Pulse Telemetry Measurement/Logging While Drilling (M/LWD) systems, as well as our Performance Drilling Motor (PDM) fleet. We purchase our technology from only the most trusted names in the industry, and we fully engage our suppliers in our business, a.k.a. your business, to ensure a continuous cycle of technology enhancement. In addition, just because we own it doesn’t mean it’s all we have to offer. PDS has long recognized the need for a diverse product offering to meet the challenges of a diverse market with a wide array of applications. As such, PDS has sourced and partnered with several industry-leading third-party technology providers to ensure we have the best fit-for-purpose technology available for the application at hand.

As is the case in any service oriented business, people make all the difference. We are dedicated to providing scheduled days off for all of our field professionals to ensure a superior workforce. We aim to attract and retain the best people in the business to build a culture that focuses on delivering superior customer service.

Management Team

ChadChad Hathaway
Founder/CEO/Chairman of the Board

Chad Hathaway is the founding member of Payzone Directional, and is currently the only minority shareholder of the organization. Mr. Hathaway serves as Chairman of the Board for Payzone, and also serves on the Board of Directors of CIPA (California Independent Producers Association), and the Bakersfield Petroleum Club.

7.21.14_PZH_0007Ben Fagnant
Rockies Operations Manager

Ben Fagnant is the Rockies Operations Manager in our Roosevelt, UT office. He is responsible for managing personnel, maintaining equipment and ensuring safety is the top priority within the Rocky Mountain region.

Thomas-BillingsThomas Billings
Permian / San Juan Regional Sales Manager

Thomas Billings is currently the regional Sales Manager for the Permian and San Juan Basins. He has more than 20 years of combined operational and sales experience with various M/LWD, RSS and geo-steering platforms. He started his career with SLB Anadrill in the spring of 1997 after receiving his degree in Electrical Engineering Technologies.

Tom-SchmidtTom Schmidt
Permian / San Juan Operations Manager

Tom Schmidt, with over 20 years of experience in directional, M/LWD, and RSS industries, is our Permian and San Juan Basin Operations Manager. To help our clients succeed in their drilling programs he uses his experience from the field and management to help achieve those goals.

Taylor-SaathoffTaylor Saathoff
Technical Sales Representative

Taylor Saathoff is in charge of Technical Sales in our Denver, CO office. After graduating with his bachelor’s degree in Engineering Technologies from Texas A&M University, he started working in the field as an MWD operator.For nearly 4years Taylor gained field experience in all aspects of MWD.In 2017, he joined Payzone Directional.Currently, Taylor uses his 4 years of field and operations experience to help our clients meet their directional needs.