Payzone owns its own fleet of Electromagnetic (EM) and Pressure Pulse (MP) Telemetry Measurement/Logging While Drilling (M/LWD) systems. We purchase our technology from only the most trusted names in the industry, and we fully engage our suppliers in our business, a.k.a. your business, to ensure a continuous cycle of technology enhancement. In addition, just because we own it doesn’t mean it’s all we have to offer. PDS has long recognized the need for a diverse product offering to meet the challenges of a diverse market with a wide array of applications. As such, PDS has sourced and partnered with several industry-leading third-party technology providers to ensure we have the best fit-for-purpose technology available for the application at hand.

Each MWD system is fully retrievable, and can be configured with Radial Gamma Ray. Our EM MWD also offers Focused Gamma Ray and Pressure While Drilling (PWD). Ask one of our sales people for our latest MTBF.